• Purchase a home today, owning your own home could not be done in a simpler fashion with One Circle’s real estate solutions at the tip of your fingers.

  • Whether you are a first time home buyer or an investor interested in a great real estate deal One Circle can assist you in locating property that model your needs.  You maybe in search of a rehab opportunity to flip or in search of a listing that needs minimal repairs for a quick turn-key to provide residual rental income? You may simply be an individual who is looking to just purchase a new home. One Circle’s real estate solutions are stocked with properties and home purchase programs available for anyone. Please take the time to fill out the electronic form to the right to get this process started immediately.

  • If you have had difficulties qualifying for traditional bank loans, we can help. We offer alternative methods when it comes to buying a home.  We can assist you in securing a home with traditional programs as well as methods like lease-optioning and owner financing.

  • The Importance of Obtaining Pre-Qualifications

  • A very important step in the home-buying process is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage: This will give One Circle an idea of your financial situation in terms of affording the responsibilities of owning property, which in turn will allow us to locate the best deal, on a home that will fit your needs. The process of pre-qualification will require that you provide a lender with some basic information on your income, assets, and debt. One Circle can arrange to have this done for you at no additional costs to you.

  • Additional benefits in getting pre-qualified is that you are making a definitive stance in the responsibilities purchasing a home becomes, which may be a deciding factor in a situation of additional offers from other home buyers that have yet to be qualified for your potential dream home.

  • Please take the time to fill in the electronic form to the right and One Circle will contact you when a home becomes available that meets your purchasing criteria. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential (Privacy Policy). If you don’t wish to buy a home now, you can contact us by email with any questions or comments.

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